Alessandra Salardi

Alessandra, who  also graduated in photography from the Cignaroli art school, is concerned with the Tommasoli archives as well as being deeply involved in her own photography, above all in the field of reportage. Her favourite themes are the cultural milieu and landscape, and she is particularly interested in rural life and products. She has published numerous photography books on various subjects. Her inquiries into maternity and the body, the image of which she transfers directly onto sensitised paper, have been included in many important shows.

Last Exhibitions:

2007: “Oltre l’Argento”, Centro Internazionale di Fotografia Scavi Scaligeri, Verona
2008: “Photobiennale”, Mosca
         “Love - Frammenti visivi di un discorso amoroso ”, Gallerie Civiche d’Arte Contemporanea, Pavullo nel Frignano (MO)
2009: “Focus on Female – In bilico” OrvietoFotografia, Palazzo dei Sette, Orvieto
         "stARTup", Villa Sant'Isidoro, Colbuccaro di Corridonia (MC)