Filippo e Fausto Tommasoli

Silvio was exiled from the city by the Fascist regime and, in the ‘thirties, he was succeeded by his sons Filippo (Verona 1910 – 1985), who had studied philosophy, and Fausto (Verona 1912 – 1971), a painter who graduated from the local school of art.
Both had also studied at the academy of music and, in part, this explains why their studio was frequented, not just by artists and poets, but also by musicians and singers, including such friends as Carlo Carrà, Lucio Fontana, Giacamo Manzù, Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, Maria Callas…

Filippo and Fausto, who always signed their photographs together, continued to work in their headquarters in Via San Nicolò, devoting themselves with great individuality and professionalism to portraiture, creating images above all in black and white, to cultural reportage, and to landscape, working for tourist organisations in the Venetia, Liguria, Campania, and Sicilian regions… as well as for the “Cassa di Risparmio” and “Banca Popolare di Verona” banks, Achille Lauro, “Metro Goldwyn Mayer”, and publishing many of their photographs both in Italy and abroad.

Their more expressly artistic work included the nude, usually expressed in a dry and essential manner, still-life, and the urban landscape. These are all images pregnant with force and discernment; they are complex and, at times, aggressive, and always imbued with the trends and tensions of their times.