Sirio Tommasoli

After the ‘seventies the Tommasoli studio was administered in another venue by Sirio (son of Filippo, Verona 1947) who, together with his wife Alessandra Salardi (Verona 1961), has continued this centennial tradition, associating his activities as an artist with the development of publishing initiatives and an activity in the world of communications. Sirio, who graduated in sociology, has since 1970 been a visual artist (photography, video art, installations), and has published and held shows in Italy and abroad.

His art is, above all, concerned with the study and development of “successive images” through series of works, and, since 1979, with “fotogrammiche” works, based on series of photographic frames. His works are to be found in many private and public collections.

Having taught photography at the Cignaroli art school, he has, since 1990, been editor of “Anterem”, a magazine devoted to poetic inquiries, and since 2004 he has been artistic director of the visual arts section of the Anterem poetry biennale.