SIRIO TOMMASOLI: the work proposed for Documenta 13

"The is no world without Verona walls" A project for an interactive installation.


The scene
Voices are suddenly raised when someone comes near to the high black wooden fence at the end of the view. These voices rise from the darkness, mix, and are superimposed one over the other like the agitated and discordant memories that flood the mind on awakening from tormented sleep.
The person who enters finds himself at once between the walls of an ancient city: large strips of luminous still-frames mark out a route leading towards its shadowy heart. The walls have no openings because the ancient doors, windows, and embrasures have been sealed up for a long time.
On the black gravel that underlines the sound of heavy footsteps, are piled up the city's metabolized rubbish. In this are two old monitors that continuously screen two different videos.

The two videos
- The real-time documentation of the murder of Nicola in Verona, recorded by a surveillance camera at two in the morning. He was killed at the age of twenty-nine because he had long hair. Because of this he was different from the skinheads who, for this very reason, kicked and punched him to death.

- A recording of a field of corn which moves almost imperceptibly. A trace of the light breath of the universe which is repeated imperturbably to infinity.

The voices
The discordant voices of the city as it awakes. They are only heard when near to the wooden fence. The more people approach it, the more the voices speak. They become real, are superimposed, and are interrupted by the movements of the public.

The city walls are light-boxes and supply the scene's main illumination.

The title
"The is no world without Verona walls"
(William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, Act 3, Scene 3).

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